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Process oil used for applications such as hydraulics, cutting, lubrication, broaching, honing, quenching, drilling, grinding etc., also aid as a cooling media. In other words, the heat dissipated during the process is carried away by the circulating oil. Now this oil needs to be maintained at a certain temperature range to retain its physical and chemical properties.

Our oil chillers adopt the most proven design to suit specific application. In applications where direct oil cooling is not advised, we suggest a double ckt chiller, where water acts as the secondary refrigerant. Oil chillers are available in configurations like, Stand alone, in which the oil re-circulating pump is integral with chiller and the Immersion type, in which the evaporator coil is dipped directly in to the oil sump.



  • Wire cut / Spark erosion EDM
  • Laser cutting / Marking machine
  • X-ray diffraction spectrometer
  • Medical equipment
  • Machine tool
  • Induction hardening machine
  • High frequency welding machine
  • Hydraulic press
  • Pressure die casting
  • Furnaces
  • Power generators
  • Condenser cooling for low temperature test chambers
  • Injection moulding machine
  • Plasma spray / Coating machine
  • After coolers for compressed air drier
  • Chemical process plants
  • Dies & pigment manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electroplating plants
  • Anodizing plants
  • Bakery
  • Food & beverage industry


  • Precise temperature controllability
  • Constant outlet temperature at varying ambient conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Closed loop and hence contamination free
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Highly recommended for fluctuating loads Eco-friendly

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